Collecting Ourselves: On the Problems and Potential of Archives

Event number: SE-6941
Event date(s): Start: 27 Oct 2018 14:00 — End: 27 Oct 2018 16:00
Description: Hosted on the Marae by Alejandro T. Acierto with Panelists Cecília Salvatore and Analú M. López and Moderated by Jerico Domingo. Organized by Madison Smith and staff from LATITUDE | Chicago with support from Philippine Co-Curators and Jamie Kelly.
Type of event: Special Event
Event organisers:
  • Alejandro Acierto
  • Jerico Domingo : Field Museum of Natural History - Anthropology
  • Cecília Salvatore Ph. D. : Dominican University
  • Analú M. López : Newberry Library
  • Madison Smith : LATITUDE | Chicago
  • Mr. John M. Kelly : Field Museum of Natural History - Anthropology Collections
  • Anthropology

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