108751, hat

Catalog Number 108751
Cultural Affiliation Tinguian
Continent Asia
Country Philippines
Region Luzon Island
Island Luzon
Province Abra Prov.
Locale Baay
Collector F.C. Cole : The Field Museum
Expedition Second R.F. Cummings Ethnological Expedition to Philippine Islands - ethnology - Mangyan
Accession Lot Number 1060
Year of Accession 1908
Materials bamboo, dye, rattan, cord
Catalog Description 1) hat
2) Name: Dinapat. Finely woven bamboo hat, with two intersecting bands of black crossing top - for decoration. Rattan rim and lashings. Bamboo head rest. Cord for chin. (see note on back of card 108747). When on long journeys, or when working in the sun, the men often wear hats. These vary in shape and material but all are water-proof and most of them are fitted with an inner band of closely plaited rattan. This serves the double purpose of a head rest and a recepacle for tobacco and the like. | Notes: The general name for hats is kalogan. Others refer to types.

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