109269, knife and sheath for knife

Catalog Number 109269
Cultural Affiliation Tinguian
Continent Asia
Country Philippines
Region Luzon Island
Island Luzon
Province Abra Prov.
Locale Patoc
Collector F.C. Cole : The Field Museum
Expedition Second R.F. Cummings Ethnological Expedition to Philippine Islands - ethnology - Mangyan
Accession Lot Number 1060
Year of Accession 1908
Original Name Kalasian
Materials horn; water buffalo - carabao, metal; steel, metal; brass
Catalog Description 1) knife and sheath for knife
2) Name: Kalasian. Bolo and sheath. blade of tempered steel, handle of carabao horn overlaid with brass wire; brass ferrule and end. The name signifies that this knife is like those commonly made in the town of that name. Bolos are carried continually by the men of the valley towns. They serve as general tool and weapon. | Notes: Many of the knives in common use among the Tinguians are made by the Ilocanos, though Manobo, Buneg, Tue, and Balbalasang - all non-Christian towns - manufacture quite a number. However these forges, especially the last two named, turn out principally spears and headaxes. The carved leather sheaths are nearly all of Ilocano make and are secured in trade for rice and tobacco.

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