113429, neck ornament

Catalog Number 113429
Cultural Affiliation Ifugao
Continent Asia
Country Philippines
Region Luzon Island
Island Luzon
Province Mountain Prov.
Locale Banaue
Collector S. C. Simms : The Field Museum
Expedition Ethnological Expedition to Luzon, Philippine Islands, to collect materials after the death of William Jones - Igorot Tribe; Ilongot Indians
Accession Lot Number 1095
Original Name Lin-lingo
Materials metal; brass, cordage
Catalog Description 1) neck ornament
2) Name: Neck ornament (lin-lingo). Of four brass ornaments fastened side by side. End ones being fastened to cordage tying string. Worn by men and women. | Notes: Imitation of gold ornaments or similar design from Lepanto Igorot

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