128058, head dress

Catalog Number 128058
Cultural Affiliation Bukidnon
Continent Asia
Country Philippines
Region Mindanao Island
Island Mindanao
Collector F.C. Cole : The Field Museum
Expedition Fifth R.F. Cummings Ethnological Expedition to Philippines Islands - ethnology - Bukidnon, Mandaya, Manobo, Negrito, and Bataan Bagobo Indians
Accession Lot Number 1115
Original Name Solang-solang
Materials embroidered cloth, animal hair; horse
Catalog Description 1) head dress
2) Name: Solang-solang - Five head dress of crown worn only by old men, or datus, who have taken several human lives. Lower part is of red cloth, embroidered. Points are in tassels of four colors, 3 center points topper with horse hair. | Notes: This specimen is over forty years old and is said to have taken part in several fights.

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