Pamanang Pinoy: Objecting the Filipino Identity

Event number: 5837
Event date(s): Start: 19 Mar 2016 12:00 — End: 19 Mar 2016 14:00
Description: The second event in the Pamanang Pinoy series, we invited community members to celebrate Filipino heritage and discuss what it means to be Filipino. Using the Art and Anthropology mural as a springboard, we hosted a panel including the 5 Filipino American artists who worked on the mural to explain what their artistic expressions mean to them and how it relates to the manner in which they construct their identity. Jerry Clarito of AFIRE and Professor Katharine Wiegele of NIU also joined us. Moderated by Juanita Burris, we held a discussion with our guests concerning identity and encouraged them to consider what they're expressive mural would look like. We also shared with guests objects that inspire identity for others coming from the Philippine Heritage Collection. Guests were also encouraged to record their understanding of what it means to be Filipino or ideas about heritage with us via video.
Type of event: Special Event