Pamanang Pinoy: Ceremonial

Event number: SE-5897
Event date(s): Start: 16 Apr 2016 12:00 — End: 16 Apr 2016 14:00
Description: The third event in the Pamanang Pinoy series, we invited community members to celebrate Filipino heritage, witness an interpretation of pre-colonial ceremony organized by members of Kaluluwa family, and discuss the deeper meanings to objects. This event was co-hosted by Irene Juaniza, Trisha Marin, Jennifer Ligaya Senecal, Je Nepomuceno, and Mahal Laude. The event began with an opening ceremony involving song and candle lighting. Moderated by Irene Juaniza, guests were asked to get a closer look at the objects on display that afternoon and consider questions concerning their previous lives and what these objects have become in the heritage collection. Guests then broke into small groups to consider the prompts their were given. Following discussion, individuals presented upon their thoughts to the main group and presented offerings to the artifacts at their individual altars. In closing, Jennifer Ligaya Senecal performed a dance inspired by the artifacts, and the group collaboratively thanked the bulol in the exhibited mural.
Type of event: Special Event