Pamanang Pinoy: Rice

Event number: SE-6404
Event date(s): Start: 23 Jul 2016 12:00 — End: 23 Jul 2016 14:00
Description: The sixth event in the Pamanang Pinoy series, we invited community members to celebrate Filipino heritage through a presentation exploring the cultural significance of rice in the Philippines. Guests were invited to an interactive presentation hosted by Filipino Kitchen, featuring a tasting menu of three different varieties of prepared rice dishes. All three courses were prepared on site and distributed to guests in the Marae Gallery. We also shared with guests artifacts from the Philippine Heritage Collection that relate to the harvest, consumption, and cultural uses of rice. Guests were also encouraged to share recipes using rice with us to be compiled for a type of community cookbook.
Type of event: Special Event
Event organisers:
  • Digital Co-curation Team
  • Trisha O. Martín : Field Museum of Natural History
  • Cassie Pontone : Field Museum of Natural History
  • Neal Matherne : Field Museum of Natural History
  • Jerico Domingo : Field Museum of Natural History
  • Alpha Sadcopen : Field Museum of Natural History
  • Anthropology

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