Pamanang Pinoy: Accessories

Event number: SE-6414
Event date(s): Start: 20 Aug 2016 12:00 — End: 20 Aug 2016 14:00
Description: The seventh event in the Pamanang Pinoy series, we invited community members to celebrate Filipino heritage through small group discussions focusing on accessories in the collection from the Philippines. Resident experts, Laurence Anthonie Tumpang and Sarah Carlson were invited to lead small groups focusing on Igorot and Ilongot objects, respectively. Cassie Pontone facilitated a third small group discussion disseminating the knowledge published by the Bukidnon State University Research Team in the book, Looking Forward by Looking Back: The Bukidnon, A Century Hence. Guests were also encouraged to share accessories of their own, relating to the Philippines or otherwise, to discuss what they mean to them personally, and as a form of expression.
Type of event: Special Event