Orlando Carnate
Homeland Memories

Interviewee Orlando Carnate
  • Field Museum of Natural History
  • 12 Aug 2017
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Personal Statement / Transcription:

Orlando D. Carnate Personal Statement

Carnate’s son and daughter-in-law encouraged him to tell his life story. He was born in 1943, on a farm in Tangcarang (Gerona, Tarlac Province). His father had to farm rice on both his own land, and land owned by others, to survive in Tarlac. As the oldest son, Carnate was required to go to school until 6th grade but could not go to high school. He had to work on the farm, but wanted an education. He asked his uncle (a jeepney driver) to find a free high school for him. His uncle found an agricultural college for him in Tarlac. In 1955, he went to high school (Tarlac College of Agriculture, 5-10 miles away from home) and after one year Carnate transferred to a fee-based school, Tarlac School of Arts and Trade, that was 15 miles from home. In 1960, at age 16, he went to Manila for college. In 1965, he graduated from a five year program at the college Mapua & Hakati Institute of Technology (this school is still open.) His first job was at the Universal Textile Company. He immigrated to the US in 1971 at age 28.