Co-curation is a collaborative process that involves heritage communities in the stewardship, documentation, and interpretation of cultural heritage objects in The Field Museum's collections. The Museum is a gathering place where objects can mediate relationships between participants in this process. The Museum has been the venue for a number of public workshops and programs to promote co-curation. These are listed below.

For instance, this year Pamanang Pinoy ("Filipino Legacy") is a public series that serves as a vibrant alternative to exhibitions. The co-curation team of staff, volunteers, and interns work with museum collections and community partners to design thematic events that encourage conversations around a variety of topics represented in the collection: identity/ethnicity, food, personal adornment, textiles, defense, music/art, and spirituality. With a multigenerational perspective, these discussions serve an important role in heritage maintenance, identity negotiation, and the relevance of historical objects in today's world. Held in The Field Museum's Marae Gallery, these gatherings embody the sacred and symbolic space of Ruatepupuke II, promoting peaceful, respectful encounters between people as well as between the past and the present.

Co-curation also extends beyond the walls of The Field Museum. By participating in external community and cultural events, the co-curation team connects with new audiences and encourage broader communities to connect with The Field Museum in new ways.

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