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The On-line edition of: Vanishing Treasures of the Philippine Rainforest was made possible by generous support from the Field Museum of Natural History Scholarship Committee.

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Although this book was written by two people, it is the product of many years of work by many people; to all, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks. For assistance with field investigations, often under challenging conditions, we thank all of the hundreds of people who have kindly helped us to reach our study sites and live in the forest. We have been fortunate to be part of a group of wonderful collaborators on the research that lies behind this book; Nonito Antoque, Danny Balete, Boying Fernandez, Pedro Gonzales, Steve Goodman, Paul Heideman, Nina Ingle, Eric Rickart, Blas Tabaranza, and Ruth Utzurrum made especially great contributions to field work, and to many aspects of subsequent studies as well. Angel C. Alcala and the staff and students at Silliman University provided crucial assistance to Heaney in the early stages of his studies. Members of the Wildlife Conservation Society of the Philippines all deserve thanks for their enthusiastic support of our work. The Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources haveprovided permits, information, and support for our studies; we especially thank Wilfrido Pollisco, Corazon Catibog-Sinha, Samuel Penafiel, Alma Ballesfin, Jean Caleda, Carlo Custodio, Josie DeLeon, and Marlynn Mendoza at the DENR, and Pete Gonzales at the Philippine National Museum. Danny Balete, Rafe Brown, Paul Heideman, Christie Henry, Eric Rickart, and Benito Tan reviewed the manuscript; their comments and suggestions greatly enhanced the quality of the final product. We thank Rafe Brown, Keith Erickson, Tom Gnoske, Paul Heideman, William Oliver, Neil Rettig, Eric Rickart, Doel Soejarto, Benito Tan, Art Vogel, and Dave Willard for heroic efforts to provide photographs on a tight schedule, and Clara Simpson for the wonderful maps, charts, and graphs. Howie Severino, Danny Balete, and Jodi Sedlock helped with text and illustrations. Production of the book would not have been possible without the remarkable efforts of Ron Dorfman, Sarah Guernsey, Sophia Shaw, and Joan Sommers. To all of those named, and the many others whom we have not listed individually but have given usassistance and friendship, we express our deepest gratitude.

The Ellen Thorne Smith and Marshall Field Funds of the Field Museum, the National Science Foundation, the National Cancer Institute, and the John D. and Catherine C. MacArthur Foundation provided funding for most aspects of the field studies.

Dori Soler first urged us to write this book, and we thank her for her persistence. Christie Henry provided important encouragement. We would also like to acknowledge the Field Museum officials who paved the way for the project, including Peter Crane, Laura Gates, Melissa Hilton, John McCarter, and Willard E. White.


All skull photographs by Rebecca Banasiak. Photo restoration by Anne Firlit and Rebecca Banasiak. Photographs by: Frank Almeda, Rafe Brown, Richard Z. Chesnoff, Marian Dagosto, Keith Erickson, F.R.E.E. Ltd., Tom Gnoske and David Willard, Lawrence Heaney, Paul Heideman, J.S.H. Klompen, Liaison International, Peggy McNamara, Martin R. Motes, William L. R. Oliver, Jacinto C. Regalado, Eric Rickart, Sonny Sales, Larry Secrist, Clara Simpson, Doel Soejarto, Blas R Tabaranza, Jr., Benito C. Tan, Art Vogel, and John Weinstein.


Peggy McNamara, William L. R. Oliver, Jodi Sedlock, and Clara Simpson.

Maps and Charts:

All Philippine Maps were redrawn by Anne Firlit from 1998 illustrations by Clara Simpson and were based on Heaney 1986, 1991.